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ManagedTEK is a managed service provider that provides IT security solutions and monitoring for small and medium businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. As well, we provide fully managed outsourced IT services or will co-source with your internal IT staff.

Cyber-attacks are growing in cost, size, and impact globally and if you’ve been paying attention, you already know that data breaches are a real threat. ManagedTEK was founded on an urgency to empower and protect the community from the digital war on personal security and privacy. We use cutting edge technology along with proven Cyber Security practices to provide support for small businesses.

Our Services

Network Security

  • Network Maintenance: Firmware upgrades, Application Patching
  • Firewall Security, IPS, IDS
  • Network Monitoring
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Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Backups
  • Office 365 Backups
  • G-Suite Backups
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IT Consulting Services

  • Support Services
  • IT Projects
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Cyber Security

  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Cyber Security Training Platform
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Endpoint Security

  • Virus Protection, Incident response
  • IT Hygiene, Patch management
  • 24 by 7 Monitoring
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Compliance Manager

  • Security Audit
  • Cyber Security Insurance
  • GDPR
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The Job will be done Right!”

When we realized we needed surveillance cameras on the exterior of our Police Association office we had Nick come out for an onsite survey. He provided great recommendations with better suggestions of things that we were lacking to keep our employees safe.

The peace of mind that we now have is unmeasurable. We’re now able to log in from our cell phones, desktops, and tablets while we’re away from the office or onsite to see live what is going on.

Managed Technology’s team never complained about the complexity or difficulty of this job. They figured out how to run internet cable through conduit onto our 28-foot walls and installed cameras on solid cement attached it to a new DVR system.  

We recently had an incident where we received a report of spray paint vandalism to a car. We rolled back the footage to the reported time allowing us to see when the car arrived it had already been damaged. We didn’t waste time or resources looking into the incident it was resolved simply and quickly.

If you’re trying to decide who to use for a network install, IT services we have had them do 3 different projects for the Association. Each time they got the job done right, came in on a budget all with courteous customer service.

“Personal Service, Good Value and Expertise”

As a new start up Cosmetology Academy we needed a company with advise as to the equipment we need, create our infrastructure and coordinate with the other contractors on site.

We decided on adding a sound system that was multichannel allowing each office to play different channels the transition was seamless. They installed a security cameras and a DVR Rack. We now have internet throughout our office. What we appreciate the most is the personalized service if we have a question or concern they answer our calls locally not from another country providing us one on one service. The ongoing managed service they provide keeps our systems running smoothly with no down time. I highly recommend a locally owner IT company that will take the time to understand our goals for today and our future growth and build it right at a reasonable price.

“Enterprise Solutions at a reasonable price”

Over the past 3 years Managed Technology Solutions has worked closely with me in building and maintaining my infrastructure at Hargreaves Associates Inc. I experienced time and time again a comfort knowing that the experience at Managed Technology Solutions was readily available and able to assist me in completing projects and resolving problems within my infrastructure. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient at the services provided. I constantly found myself getting robust solutions at a cost savings. I will continue to work with Managed Technology Solutions as a compliment to my tool box of IT skills.

“Secure knowing our business is protected from Virus and Malware”

Prior to having Managed Tech Solutions we experienced pop ups on our work stations and had multiple Malware issues. We didn’t realize the server we had was slow our computers were out dated and we had no backups. The dental field has several challenges from dental software, HIPAA and other healthcare regulations that we must adhere to daily. We appreciate the honest, price conscience recommendations for us to upgrade our hardware, adding layers of security to protect our data. The results are no down time allowing our team to be more productive. The team has maintained our security, and has exceeded our expectations.

Nothing can surpass the peace of mind we have knowing were secured from Virus, Malware and Ransomeware. The service and solutions that MTS has provided has been outstanding! I would definitely recommend to other dental/medical offices. We appreciate their work.

“Technology Built around core values”

Managed Technology Solutions has added tremendous value to our organization. The key service delivery we appreciate is their willingness to shape technology around our core values as a business. We love working with them!

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